Der Sender ging am 1. Just eight examples were produced, all without bomb equipment. [57] An undetermined number of H variants were fitted with the FuG 200 Hohentwiel. [69] The factory itself was built by, and belonged to, the German state. Creek. Banners & Widgets. The total fuel capacity was 8,570 L (2,260 US gal). Additional armour plating was fitted around crew spaces, some of it on the lower fuselage which could be jettisoned in an emergency. Die Wagenfarbe des Continental GT ist schwarz. Experimental Amateur Radio Station in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, European Union, 3rd Planet in the Solar System, Milky Way ... Switzerland and Austria, I decided to write the article in German. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse. Audi A3 Sportback 40 TFSI e: Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 1.5–1.4; combined electric power consumption in kWh/100 km: 13.8–13.0; combined CO 2 emissions in g/km: 34–30 Audi Q3 Sportback 45 TFSI e: Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 1.7–1.4; combined electric power consumption in kWh/100 km: 15.9–14.6; combined CO 2 emissions in g/km: 38–33 Audi … Oktober 2019 auf Sendung. Due to insufficient capacity, Dornier, Arado and Junkers built the He 111B series at their plants in Wismar, Brandenburg and Dessau, respectively. Depending on the load variation, an 835 L fuel and 120 L oil tank could be added in place of the internal bomb bay. The bomb bay was divided into two compartments and could carry 680 kg (1,500 lb) of bombs. It also introduced self-sealing fuel tanks. Like in Germany, radio in Austria was completely separated by state, allowing radio stations to transmit in one state only. Das Fahrzeug hat eine Laufleistung von 16040 km. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass der Sender auch programmlich künftig noch etwas mehr bietet. Radio has been a life-long passion of Stephen’s – both being on it, and listening to it. The V2 (W.Nr. The maximum bombload was 7,200 kg (15,870 lb). In 1940, the Ministry of Aviation abandoned further production of the P series in favour of the H versions, mostly because the P-series' Daimler-Benz engines were needed for Messerschmitt Bf 109 and Bf 110 fighter production. 6 Stromverbrauch und Reichweite wurden auf der Grundlage der VO 692/2008/EG ermittelt. "We Are the World" is a charity single originally recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa in 1985. [4] Kesselring convinced Heinkel to move his factory from Warnemünde to Rostock – with its factory airfield in the coastal "Marienehe" region of Rostock (today "Rostock-Schmarl") and bring in mass production, with a force of 3,000 employees. The last two German-built aircraft remained in service until at least 1958. Production was shut down after the pilots reports reached the Ministry of Aviation. Poslušajte još. Alle Radiostreams und Radiosender im überblick. Lorry cranes make an impression thanks to their operator friendliness and high level of cost efficiency. [55], In the summer of 1942, the H-11, based on the H-3 was introduced. Beginning the war as a medium bomber it supported the German campaigns in the field until 1943 when, owing to Western Allied and Soviet air superiority, it reverted to a transport aircraft role. Due to restrictions placed on Germany after the First World War prohibiting bombers, it masqueraded as a civil airliner, although from conception the design was intended to provide the nascent Luftwaffe with a fast medium bomber.[3]. If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Radios Austrian : Austrian Radios include many Austrian Radio, Radio Austrian ! It was to be powered by two Jumo 211A-1s, D-1s or F-2s. This stalemate was altered drastically by the appearance of the DB 600C, which increased the He 111's power by 164 kW (220 hp). Some C variants were upgraded with the new wing modifications. To familiarize you with the civil protection signals and at the same Set in a peaceful garden, this property is next to a free ski bus stop and a cross-country skiing track. Top radio stations in Austria Radio U1 Tirol. [26], The pre-production E-0 series were built in small numbers, with Jumo 211 A-1 engines loaded with retractable radiators and exhaust systems. The P-1 variant was produced with two DB 601Aa powerplants of 1,150 hp (860 kW). Stations. Kostenlos Radio, Podcasts, Musik für alle auf From this production plant, 452 He 111s and 69 Junkers Ju 88s were built in the first year of the war. The sub variant H-20/R4 could carry twenty 50 kg (110 lb) bombs externally. Heinkel decided to create the world's fastest passenger aircraft, a goal met with scepticism by Germany's aircraft industry and political leadership. MG 15s were fitted whenever possible and the number of machine guns was sometimes increased to seven. [55] The H-10 was also designated to trainer duties. Sports, music, news and podcasts. Austria. After the end of World War II, the studio was located inside the Soviet occupation zone, so the programming had a small but noticeable Soviet influence. Austria, Dijaspora. Austria. The G-4 was powered by DB600G inverted-vee 950 hp (710 kW) engines and the G-5 was given the DB601B with a top speed of 410 km/h (255 mph). Between the outer spars, a second pair of reserve fuel tanks were located, carrying an individual capacity of 910 L (240 US gal) of fuel. The powerplants consisted of two JumoA-1s or D-1s. One machine was caught by RAF fighter aircraft over France on 14 March 1944. [17] It was followed by the civilian-equipped V2 and V4 in May 1935. The control instruments were located above the pilot's head in the ceiling, which allowed viewing and did not block the pilot's vision. [71] Austria Radio Stations on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, and other app-enabled mobile phones. Heinkel built 230 new aircraft of this type and converted 100 H-3s to H-11s by the summer of 1943. It would appear this plan was never developed fully. [68], To meet demand for numbers, Heinkel constructed a factory at Oranienburg. Geboten wird ein 24-Stundenprogramm mit Nachrichten von 5.00 Uhr morgens bis um 19:00 Uhr abends, am Samstag von 06.00 bis 19.00 Uhr, am Sonntag ab 07.00 Uhr. [4], In June 1933 Albert Kesselring visited Heinkel's offices. [4] Kesselring was head of the Luftwaffe Administration Office: at that point Germany did not have a State Aviation Ministry but only an aviation commissariat, the Luftfahrtkommissariat. [64] With this load, the He 111Z had a range of 1,094 km (680 mi) and a speed of 314 km/h (195 mph). It was used as a strategic bomber during the Battle of Britain, a torpedo bomber in the Atlantic and Arctic, and a medium bomber and a transport aircraft on the Western, Eastern, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African Front theatres. [72] China also ordered 12 He 111 A-0s, but at a cost 400,000 Reichsmark (RM). They were designated H-8, but later named H8/R2. [14], The fuselage contained two major bulkheads, with the cockpit at the front of the first bulkhead. However, near the end of the 1920s, the political influence started to affect the medium radio as well. Stromverbrauch und Reichweite sind abhängig von der Fahrzeugkonfiguration. Two external SC 1800 kg (3,960 lb) bombs, two LMA air-dropped anti-shipping mines, one SC 1,800 kg plus four SC 250 kg; or one SC 2,500 kg external bomb could be carried on an ETC Rüstsatz rack. [20], A general problem existed in powerplants. Onboard armament was the same as the He 111H-6, with the addition of one 20 mm MG 151/20 in a rotating gun-mount on the center section. The Peil G6 was added to locate targets and the FuBI 2H blind landing equipment was built in to help with night operations. The fuselage was formed of stringers to which the fuselage skin was riveted. [20] The wing span on the C series was 22.6 m (74 ft 1¾in). One Radio Austria website address is Top 3 Austria radio stations Hitradio Ö3. Hitradio Ö3. This was increased by adding of four 600 L (160 US gal) drop tanks. The He 111's performance was seriously reduced; in particular, the BMW VI 6.0 Z engines, which had been underpowered from the beginning, made the increase in weight even more problematic. It is a domain having com extension. [40], The H variant of the He 111 series was more widely produced and saw more action during World War II than any other Heinkel variant. [71] In 1942, this increased further to 1,337 He 111s. The early development of military bombers was disguised as a development program for civilian transport aircraft. 1971 - The most powerful standard car Volvo had ever produced was presented - the Volvo 164 E. And 1800 ES was presented. The weight of the H-6 increased to 14,000 kg (30,600 lb). A law change 2001 allowed licenses for country-wide radio stations to be given out. [40] The P-9 was produced as an export variant for the Hungarian Air Force. [10] The Ju 86 had a higher cruising speed of 177 mph (285 km/h), 9 mph (14 km/h) faster than the He 111. The apartment has a balcony offering views of the mountains along the Gosau Valley. The military aircraft – V1, V3 and V5 – spanned just 22.6 m (74.1 ft). The overall takeoff weight was now 13,300 kg (29,321 lb). Up to 3,600 kilograms (7,900 lb) could be carried externally. The B-2 began to roll off the production lines at Oranienburg in 1937. Listen to best Austria radio, Austria Musics, Austria News, Dance,Dj , Nonstop. The Jumo 211 F-1 engine of 1,007 kW (1,350 hp) increased its speed while the defensive armament was upgraded at the factory with one 20 mm MG FF cannon in the nose and/or gondola positions (optional), two MG 15 in the ventral gondola, and one each of the fuselage side windows. Due to the increase in defensive firepower, the crew numbers increased from four to five. The firm of Hellmuth Walter, at Kiel, handled this development. [20] The fuselage dimensions were 17.1 m (56 ft 1¾in) in the He 111 V1, but changed in the C to 17.5 m (57 ft 5 in). Swan Hill, VIC. In the 1980s, because commercial radio stations were still illegal, the first radio stations started to broadcast from foreign territory, especially South Tyrol and the former Socialist countries in the east. [42] The P-2 had its bomb capacity raised to 4 ESA-250/IX vertical magazines. [4], Among the designers seeking to benefit from German re-armament was Ernst Heinkel. Mainly Australian Country. ORF Radio (Austria) Description: ORF-Regionalradio mit viel Musik, News und Service für Wien. The empty weight of the P-4 increased to 6,775 kg (14,936 lb), and the full takeoff weight increased to 13,500 kg (29,762 lb). The pilot's seat could actually be elevated, with the pilot's eyes above the level of the upper glazing, complete with a small pivoted windscreen panel, to get the pilot's head above the level of the top of the "glass tunnel" for a better forward view for takeoffs and landings. [10], The design of the He 111 A-L initially had a conventional stepped cockpit, with a pair of windscreen-like panels for the pilot and co-pilot. Due to the lack of DB 601E engines, the series was terminated in summer 1940. 7WAY Drive. The H-6 initiated some overall improvements in design. 80s, coun The He 70 drew the interest of the Luftwaffe, which was looking for an aircraft with both bomber and transport capabilities. [5], The first He 111 flew on 24 February 1935, piloted by chief test pilot Gerhard Nitschke, who was ordered not to land at the company's factory airfield at Rostock-Marienehe (today's Rostock-Schmarl neighbourhood), as this was considered too short, but at the central Erprobungstelle Rechlin test facility. Contact: Argentinierstraße 30a, A-1040 Wien +43 (0) 1 899 953. After the 80th production aircraft, the PVC 1006 L bomb rack was removed and replaced with a heavy-duty ETC 2000 rack, enabling the H-5 to carry the SC 2500 "Max" bomb, on the external ETC 2000 rack, which enabled it to support the 5,000 lb (2,300 kg) bomb. Later variants had their powerplants vary. … Vor 6 Monaten RT @OlliSch1: #DAB+ Studie: Bekanntheit und Reichweite in Österreich steigt @DigitalradioAT @47Vollmann Vor 7 Monaten These modular standard bomb racks were a common feature on the first generation of Luftwaffe bombers but they limited the ordnance selection to bombs of only two sizes and were abandoned in later designs. The H-5 could also carry heavy fire bombs, either heavy containers or smaller incendiary devices attached to parachutes. [15], The defensive machine gun positions were located in the glass nose and in the flexible ventral, dorsal and lateral positions in the fuselage, and all offered a significant field of fire. In the B-2 variant, engines were upgraded to the supercharged 634 kW (850 hp) DB 600C, or in some cases, the 690 kW (925 hp) 600G. [36] The He111Z could tow a Gotha Go 242 glider or Me 321 for up to 10 hours at cruising speed. The two beam and the aft ventral positions were provided with MG 81Zs, as on the H-11. Help / FAQs. [72] [32] The first standing trials and tests flights of the Walter HWK 109-500 Starthilfe liquid-fueled boosters were held in 1937 at Neuhardenberg with test pilot Erich Warsitz at the controls of Heinkel He 111E bearing civil registration D-AMUE. [43], The P-6 variant was the last production model of the He 111 P series. Empty weight was 6,900 kg (15,210 lb) and the aircraft weighed 14,000 kg (30,860 lb) fully loaded for take off. Listen to the best radio stations from Austria and more than 50000 online radios for free on charts, dance, hits, pop, popular. Radio Austria könnte seine technische Reichweite ausbauen. The He 111 Z-2 could carry four Henschel Hs 293 anti-ship missiles, which were guided by the FuG 203b Kehl III missile control system. See the evolution of the art of performance, with refined sports precision and a stunning design. Some H-4s had their PVC racks modified to drop torpedoes. Es ist der zweite private Sender, der man landesweit empfangen kann. It was planned to use two 1,305 kW (1,750 hp) Junkers Jumo 213E-1 engines, turning three-blade, Junkers VS 11 wooden-bladed variable-pitch propellers. These improvements allowed the aircraft to reach 475 km/h (295 mph) at 5,000 m (16,400 ft) and a cruise speed of 370 km/h (230 mph), although a full bomb load reduced this figure to 300 km/h (190 mph). When heavy bomb loads were added, this ceiling was reduced to 6,500 m (20,800 ft). Production in September 1944, the last production month for the He 111, included 118 bombers. The airframes were to be rebuilds of the H-3/H-5 variant. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. [74], Only five original German-built He 111 survive today, on display or stored in museums around the world (not including major sections):[90], Data from Heinkel He 111: A Documentary History[97], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, Die deutsche Luftrüstung 1933-1945, Bd.4: Flugzeugtypen MIAG - Zeppelin, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African Front theatres, Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection, "Hangar 1 del Museo de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica", "Kennzeichen ab 1939 – Verbandskennzeichen". Life Radio Tirol. around 1980, Photograph. Stanket and E.J. During the year Volvo passed the 2 million car production mark. RT @RadioTechnikum: Unsere Moderatoren Laura und Maxi durften mit @DigitalradioAT ein Radio ausprobieren - jetzt zu gewinnen! Kronehit. Das LiveRadio. Gerhard Luger Productmanagement Turnkey Solutions T +43 6216 7660 - 85182 T +43 664 88345792 E-mail: The controls themselves and essential equipment were all that remained in the starboard section. German-built He 111s remained in service in Spain after the end of the Second World War, being supplemented by Spanish licence-built CASA 2.111s from 1950. [30] The E-4's eight internal vertically aligned bomb racks could each carry a 250 kg (550 lb) bomb. The two 1,000 kW (1,340 hp) Jumo 211 F-2 provided a maximum speed of 434 km/h (270 mph) at 6,000 m (19,690 ft); cruising speed was 390 km/h (242 mph), service ceiling was 8,500 m (27,900 ft). It is possible to warn or alert the population in case of emergency with more than 8.000 sirens and the KATWARN Österreich/Austria App. Uživajte uz omiljeni Moj internet radio bilo kad i bilo gde da se nalazite! Country: Austria. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile. ETC 2000 racks could be installed over the bomb cell openings for external weapons carriage. The same restrictions as in Germany apply, only 5.470–5.725 GHz is allowed to be used outdoor and indoor. Both were designed as night bombers and were to have two Jumo 211F-1s installed. Austria - listen the internet radio online for free, more than 175 radio stations from Austria In May 1939, the P-1 and P-2 went into service with improved radio equipment. [27] Its design features were distinguished by improved FuG radio systems. [36][37] Powered by the DB 600G engines, it could carry a 2,000 kg (4,410 lb) payload. Warrnambool, VIC. Austrian Rock Radio live hören. Installation, Wartung und Umbau der Sender werden in Eigenregie durchgeführt. Das Newsteam. Production of the Heinkel continued after the war as the Spanish-built CASA 2.111. Die Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH muss von Gesetzes wegen ein Frequenzbuch (sowohl für Radio als auch TV) führen, der für jeden Sendebereich einer Sendeanlage die Verteilung der Sendefrequenzen auf … Get in touch via the Contact Us below if you're interested in these apps. Internally the frames were fixed only to the stringers, which made for simpler construction at the cost of some rigidity. Cobots are easy to program, flexible to deploy and collaborative and safe to work alongside [16], The first prototype, He 111 V1 (W.Nr. Only a few E-4 and E-5s were built. [13], The control systems also had some innovations. [7] The fuselage length was extended to just over 17.4 m/57 ft (from 11.7 m/38 ft 4½ in) and wingspan to 22.6 m/74 ft (from 14.6 m/48 ft). We are all in, guiding our industry forward through pure, progressive, performance. KRONEHIT Latino. [34] The P-5 was also fitted with meteorological equipment, and was used in Luftwaffe weather units. The space between the bomb bay and rear bulkhead was used up by Funkgerät radio equipment and contained the dorsal and flexible casemate ventral gunner positions. In order to achieve the best performance, this product must be used with compatible AC2200 wireless devices. [10] The Ministry of Aviation awarded both contracts, and Junkers sped up development and production at a breathtaking pace, but the financial expenditure for the Junkers was huge. Ludwig van Beethoven was born 250 years ago. Weitere Informationen zum offiziellen Kraftstoffverbrauch und den offiziellen spezifischen CO₂-Emissionen neuer Personenkraftwagen können dem „Leitfaden über den Kraftstoffverbrauch, … [13], The wing leading edges were swept back to a point inline with the engine nacelles, while the trailing edges were angled forward slightly. Die Reichweite ist von 0,5 Prozent auf 1,6 Prozent gestiegen (10+, Mo-Fr). According to other sources, China got only six He 111 K (export version of He 111 A), delivered in 1936. [69] Introducing Jaguar I-PACE; our first all-electric car. So musst du keine Angst haben, wirst du immer wissen, was wann gelaufen ist. [23], The first He 111B made its maiden flight in the autumn of 1936. In all but the powerplant, it was identical to the F-4. The Heinkel He 111 served on all the German military fronts in the European Theatre of World War II. Later in 1943, He111Zs helped evacuate German equipment and personnel from the Caucasus region, and during the Allied invasion of Sicily, attempted to deliver reinforcements to the island.

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